Vacancies and Opportunities


When Post Doctoral or PhD opportunities within my research group arise, these positions will be advertised here, through the Newcastle University website and also at  However, there are other on-going opportunities to join the group which are outlined below. 

Postdoctoral positions:

If you have a PhD, a strong C.V., and would like to do research in Newcastle, I am particularly keen to encourage and help you to apply for Fellowships (e.g., EU Marie Curie, Royal Society). Contact Andrew Pike to discuss submitting a proposal.

PhD Studentships:

If you are a Newcastle student interested in joining my research group for your PhD studies, you are strongly advised to contact Andrew Pike within the first two weeks of beginning your stage 4 studies.  There are a limited number of PhD studentships (around 5 or 6 per academic year), and these are distributed partly on a first-come-first-served basis. 

If you are a UK / EU student from outside of Newcastle, please contact Andrew Pike for further information.

 Overseas PhD Students

The Chemical Nanoscience Laboratory is a multinational research team with members from all over the globe. Past and current members have come from Libya, Malaysia, Iran, China, Japan, France, Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Pakistan, India and all corners of the UK. The working environment in the labs and offices is supportive and stimulating for overseas PhD students to complete their graduate studies. 

I am always interested to hear from any overseas students who can obtain their own funding for PhD studies.  We will be able to help you with your application or to overcome any administrative / bureaucratic problems you may encounter whilst applying to study in the UK. If you would be interested to work in any of my key research areas then please contact Andrew Pike for further information.


Newcastle University MChem projects

Most academic years will see 2-3 MChem students working with me from February – April as part of their final year project work.  Project outlines are typically distributed in early October, so please contact Andrew Pike if you would be interested to see what sort of research you could end up pursuing.

 Undergraduate Summer Vacation Projects:  I regularly host one or two undergraduate students for summer vacation work. This is a good opportunity to get a taste of research and to work on a genuine research project.  Funding for these opportunities has in the past been provided by The Nuffield Foundation, The Welcome Trust or through Newcastle University’s own summer bursary scheme.  Applications must be made jointly by the student and the project supervisor, so please contact Andrew Pike if you would be interested in a summer research project.  These vacation scholarships are competitive so usually only students with 1st class or strong 2i marks are successful with their application.