Present members


Andrew R Pike

A Senior Lecturer in Chemical Nanoscience in the School of Chemistry, Newcastle University. Born in Sapporo, Japan during the ’72 winter Olympics, he spent much of his childhood on the island of Andrew PikeHokkaido before returning to the UK and Cheltenham for his secondary schooling. After a year playing rugby at Bath RUFC (in the amateur days) he moved to the North East and received his BSc (Hons) from Newcastle University in 1994. Keen to return to his country of birth, he completed an MSc in Functional Molecular Chemistry at Hokkaido University in 1998 (Prof K. Ichikawa) before the draw of Newcastle brought him back to the UK. He received a PhD in 2001 from Newcastle University under the direction of Prof Andrew Houlton and Dr Ben Horrocks working on ferrocenyl DNA immobilized on silicon electrodes. After a three year postdoctoral research position in Newcastle he had a brief spell working with industry at INEX. In 2005 he moved back into academia to take up his present position within the School of Chemistry as a member of the Chemical Nanoscience Laboratory.

PhD Students

Samantha Lunn

Sam joined the group in Oct 2014 on a School of Chemistry funded PhD studentship. She is working on a project looking at the synthesis of modified DNA at a range of surfaces for possible bio-sensing device integration. The project is jointly supervised with Dr Eimer Tuite and involves a collaboration with Prof Christian Nijhuis at the National University of Singapore.

Thomas Bamford

Tom joined the group in Oct 2014 on a School of Mechanical Engineering funded PhD studentship under the joint supervision with Dr. John Hedley. He is working on a project looking at the development of graphene oxide printed films and methods for their functionalisation with biomolecules for integration with molecular sensing MEMS systems.

Rachel Little

Rachel joined the group in Oct 2015 on a School of Chemistry funded PhD studentship after completing her MChem at the University of Strathclyde.  She is working on a project looking at the enzymatic fabrication of designer DNA and developing protocols for their large scale synthesis. Her project supervision is supported by Dr Eimer Tuite.


MChem Students

Currently the group includes three MChem students pursuing their final year research projects:

Ellie Boden: developing new DNA materials via enzymatic routes.

Sam Soteriou and Adam Lowery: focusing on pre- and post-functionalisation of printed GO based inks.