As a group we try to attend at least a couple of international conferences a year and enjoy travelling to meet people from all over the world. Do get in touch if you plan to be at the same meeting in the near future and would like to discuss our work.

Future Meetings:

  • ICMAT-2017 in Singapore June 18-23rd 2017.  Andrew will be giving an invited talk on DNA-hybrid Materials: System Integration and Electronics as part of the Progress and Challenges in Molecular Electronics symposium. Group member Samantha Lunn will also be presenting a poster, do get in touch if you are heading over to Singapore.
  • DNATEC-17 in Dresden May 28-June 2nd 2017. Andrew and Eimer will be presenting posters at this highly focussed DNA meeting, hoping to catch up with folk there!


Invited Talks:

International Symposium on Engineering Neo-biomimetics VII, February 2017, Tokyo, Japan, “Artificial nucleobases for designer DNA nanomaterials”

3rd International Conference on Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics, SAME, November 2016, Aalborg, Denmark, “Enzymatic Synthesis of Designer DNA: new templates for directed assembly”

A*STAR invited lecture December 2013, A*STAR Institute, Singapore, “DNA detection – from research to commercialization”

RSC “Bottom-up Synthetic Biology” Directed Assembly Network Meeting July 2013, Newcastle, UK “DNA, DNA, DNA directed assembly of DNA networks”

RSC “Chemical Nanoscience” Symposium March 2011, Newcastle, UK “DNA directed assembly of conductive polymers”

International Symposium on Engineering Neo-Biomimetics II – Soft Nanomaterials and Soft Robotics February 2011, Tsukuba, Japan. “Functionalisation of DNA templated conductive polymer nanowires”

RSC Homogeneous Catalysis and Bioinorganic Chemistry for Medicine and Nanomaterials Symposium October 2009, Newcastle, UK. “DNA-based Routes to Nanomaterials”

10th RIES-Hokudai International Symposium Research Institute for Electronic Science December 2008, Sapporo, Japan. “Deriving complexity from the DNA helix; moving towards nanometer scale electronic components”

UK-Japan Workshop on Innovation Inspired by Nature: Paradigm Shift on Material Research October 2008, Tokyo, Japan. “DNA: two routes towards the directed assembly of electroactive material”

3rd UK-Japan Symposium on Promotion of regional Partnerships on Nanotechnology Development March 2007, Hokkaido University, Japan

DNA-Based Nanoscale Integration International Symposium, May 2006, Jena, Germany

UK-Japan Symposium on Promotion of regional Partnerships on Nanotechnology Development October 2005, Hokkaido University, Japan

RSC Supramolecular Chemistry Division January 2005, Newcastle upon Tyne